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I was never that girl who was into weddings. I never dreamed of walking down the aisle, ready to be Mrs. Wife to my successful and ridiculously good looking husband (wouldn’t have it any other way!) But this isn’t going to be my turn around post where I proclaim how weddings are the most beautiful thing on earth. I’m not getting married myself but I decided to check out an article about on The Huffington Post and I must say, to a girl who doesn’t care for weddings, I was really intrigued. Etsy, a site giving those with a do-it yourself knack the outlet to sell their home-made products, gives brides (and grooms!)-to-be the chance to spice up their wedding. From the proposal to the big day, these ideas make weddings not only chic but creative, fun, and above all else personal. From one of a kind veils to custom fingerprint necklaces for the bridal party (where the fingerprint of the bride and bridal party are set in heart shaped necklaces), I am definitely going to consider some of these unique ideas if I ever consider taking the plunge ;-)


By ohmyfoxy

These are our sexy little notes on life and all that makes it sweet, sometimes sad, but always sexy and worth living to the fullest!