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Several months ago I went on a rampage with the clothing items stuffed in my drawers, most of which were forgotten t-shirts. One in particular was a Tim Lincecum tee I purchased from Marshalls a while back, between the time “The Freak” won his second Cy Young and his first World Series.

Luckily my creative senses were tingling and  I recalled a pin molding on one of my Pinterest boards. I figured it was about time to actually put one of those small project ideas to use.

In a few minutes, after cutting off the collar, the sleeves and a little off the bottom (as seen step-by-step in the pictures above), I had a new shirt to wear out. Hell, I must admit this is a tiny homage to the Giants and one of their leaders. I’m somewhat of a fan, (they are in a sense the distant, higher “achieving,” cousin to my NY Mets) and my summer trip to The City by the Bay helped on that matter. Maybe I’ll care to share one or two stories of that wild California adventure soon enough. In the mean time, enjoy cutting up your shirts!



By alimelco

Lady is a Vamp

A little more seductive than red, a little more mysterious than wine, plum shades give a woman edge and sex appeal, a true vamp without a doubt. I love using lipstick to complete my looks and adore the rich purple hues from this season. My current obsession is CoverGirl’s BlastFlipstick in X with MAC’s lipgloss in cult hit Rebel. It’s an absolutely stunning color and I highly recommend you giving it a try (don’t forget setting it with Prestige’s Wine Lipliner!) . Too bold for you? Ease your way into this dark shade with Maybelline’s  BabyLips in Grape Vine.


By ohmyfoxy

(Source: normajeanebaker)


By ohmyfoxy

There’s something said about a woman in a dress or a skirt. It’s one of the most feminine pieces she can wear but also the most powerful. Just watch as men fall helplessly at her feet. Sure, they’re in love with her perfectly hugged curves but we women know whose in control. Take a look at Kim K. She sure knows how to rock such a simple and alluring piece. From red leather to shimmery gold, there’s a flavor for every occasion.


By ohmyfoxy

Lana Del Ray - Off to the Races

“Light of my life, fire in my loins
 Be a good baby, do what I want
 Light of my life, fire in my loins
 Gimme them gold coins, gimme them coins…”


By ohmyfoxy

These are our sexy little notes on life and all that makes it sweet, sometimes sad, but always sexy and worth living to the fullest!